Most of the time when you get hurt, you can see the injury and wait for it to heal. For instance, you can often see an awkward bend or even a bone when you break your arm. You usually just have to wait out the prescribed time in a cast and hope for it to heal fully. However, not all injuries are externally visible to the naked eye. Some injuries, like brain injuries, are not outwardly apparent and do not always heal within a set amount of time.

If you or your loved one suffered a brain injury, you might face an uncertain future. A Clearwater traumatic brain injury lawyer at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys could help you evaluate your legal options. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys today.

What Are Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Brain injuries occur when people suffer violent blows, shakes, or jolts to their heads that cause their brains to malfunction. Some brain injuries are open, meaning a foreign object fractures someone’s skull and directly pierces their brain. Other brain injuries are closed. In a closed brain injury, the trauma occurs within a person’s head when an impact to their head causes their brain to move back and forth against their skull walls.

People can suffer debilitating symptoms, regardless of whether they sustain an open or closed brain injury. A dedicated Clearwater traumatic brain injury attorney could help them fight for justice.

Varying Degrees of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can differ widely in severity.


Mild brain injuries usually follow brief periods of lost consciousness, disorientation, or confusion. They often heal fully with rest and time.


Moderate brain injuries usually involve longer periods of lost consciousness and more extensive disorientation and memory loss. With therapy, some moderate brain injury survivors are able to regain full functioning.


Severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) involve an extended loss of consciousness or coma. Survivors of severe brain injuries frequently experience extensive cognitive impairments, which can be permanent.

Our proactive legal team could review an affected patient’s medical charts and speak with medical professionals to get a full picture of the patient’s anticipated prognosis. They could use that information to pursue comprehensive compensation on the injured person’s behalf through a civil lawsuit.

The Impact of a Serious Brain Injury on a Person’s Life

All brain injuries are unique. People can have many different types of symptoms that affect them to varying degrees.

Physical Symptoms

Some TBI survivors experience painful physical symptoms like headaches, neck pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, imbalance, tingling, numbness, and seizures. Falling asleep and staying asleep can be a problem.

Cognitive Symptoms

People with TBI’s might also experience cognitive problems and be unable to remember things or concentrate fully. Being unable to give tasks their full attention could cause someone to be unable to hold a job and possibly require them to hire a home healthcare aide to tend to their everyday needs.

Personality and Behavioral Symptoms

Even personality and behavioral traits could alter. People who were previously upbeat and happy could suddenly be angry or depressed. Instead of being outgoing and gregarious, a person with a brain injury might act withdrawn or show little interest in interacting with even their closest friends and family members.

In addition to affecting people differently, TBIs also heal differently. Some people experience full recoveries in a short time, while others face challenges that can completely and permanently alter their lives. Sometimes, the effects of a brain injury are not known right from the start. A patient could appear fine after an accident, or they might seem like they just have a mild concussion. If their symptoms persist or even worsen after several weeks or months, they might need special treatment plans.

How TBIs Commonly Occur

Any time a person’s head suffers a severe blow, hit, or jolt, they could be at risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury. Most commonly, these kinds of traumatic injuries occur in the following manners:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Automobile crashes
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Intentional violent acts
  • Sporting and recreational injuries
  • Injuries from objects falling on a person’s head
  • Injuries from the use of defective or damaged products

If a brain injury survivor or their family believes they suffered harm because of the actions of another person, business, or entity, they should consult with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. A diligent TBI lawyer in Clearwater could investigate the incident and comb through the evidence to learn what caused the injury and who is legally responsible. Our seasoned attorneys could use that evidence to develop a strong case for liability against the at-fault party.

How Much Money Can I Get if I File a TBI Claim?

Because all brain injuries are different, there is no preset amount that a TBI survivor can expect to recover if they file a claim. Generally, juries award more financial damages to people who demonstrate more losses. Insurance companies are also more apt to give larger settlements to people who can show that their injury has caused them greater hardships.

Our proactive TBI lawyers in Clearwater have a proven track record and know how to build strong, successful claims. We take a personalized approach to each case and commit to spending quality time creating relationships with every person who comes to us for legal guidance. Our dedicated legal team could thoroughly investigate the circumstances of an accident to learn how it happened and who caused it. They could also dig deeply into the evidence and medical records to understand the full effects that the TBI is currently having and could have in the future on a person’s life. Our attorneys could work diligently and tirelessly to demonstrate the full extent of a TBI survivor’s losses to maximize their financial recovery.

What Is the Time Limit to File a Brain Injury Lawsuit?

When people experience severe injuries, their first instinct might be to give their full focus to their physical, cognitive, and emotional recovery. They might think it makes sense to wait before considering whether or not to bring a legal claim. However, delaying is not usually the best option. Most claims have a greater chance of succeeding when claimants contact a qualified Clearwater attorney quickly after suffering a severe brain injury. In addition, in most situations, Florida law forbids people from filing lawsuits more than two years after an incident that led to an injury occurs.

Speaking with a trusted legal team shortly after an accident would allow a lawyer to begin working on a solid case while allowing the injured party to focus on their recovery.

A Clearwater Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Could Help You Seek Justice

A brain injury can alter everything about your life. You might not be able to work, care for your family, participate in your favorite activities, or even manage your day-to-day tasks anymore. If someone else caused the accident that led to your injury, you deserve justice.

Get in touch with a Clearwater traumatic brain injury lawyer at our firm. Our skilled legal team could help you win compensation that you could use to get access to the care you need. At Perenich Law Injury Attorneys, we are 3 Brothers Committed to Helping Others. Call today for a free consultation with one of our compassionate attorneys.

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