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Gregory Perenich
21 January 2019

Clearwater Bar Oyster Roast

Clearwater Bar Oyster Roast

Perenich Law Injury Attorneys sponsored the 64th Annual Clearwater Bar Oyster Roast. Following a long tradition of community involvement, this family law firm is dedicated to being an active member of the family of local lawyers here in Pinellas County.

This spring, our family of lawyers and support staff came out in full to partake in great food, drink and camaraderie with our fellow Clearwater Bar members at this longstanding tradition here in Pinellas County.

As our first year sponsoring this grand event, we had giveaways for all who came out in the clear and crisp cool evening in Palm Harbor. Since the announcement of our new firm, we all dressed in our new firm shirts and met many old friends and made some new friends throughout the evening.

At Perenich Law Injury Attorneys, we believe in supporting our local bar associations and being involved in the community. We look forward to continuing to sponsor the Clearwater Bar Oyster Roast and expect that next year we will have our own food and drink station to make it an even greater event. Welcome to our newest Annual Tradition!