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Are you or a loved one unable to pay your debts? Read these commonly asked chapter 11 bankruptcy questions, then call our Tampa Bay lawyers. 1) Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Eligibility Recently, a client asked who can file a Chapter 11 case. The answer is that almost anyone can, including a business or an individual. It’s a rare situation when an[...]
Are you or a loved one unable to pay your debts and need legal help? Read these chapter 7 bankruptcy tips, then call our Tampa Bay lawyers now. 1. How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Once in a while I’ll get the question from a client, “How do I file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?” The question almost suggests that it’s[...]
Were you or a loved one seriously injured due to hospital negligence? Check out these 3 medical malpractice tips, then call our attorneys now. Proving Fault in Medical Malpractice Sometimes I’m asked, “What do I do if I think my doctor may have caused further injury to me?” It’s critically important, number one, to get proper medicine. If you’re injured[...]
Are you or a loved one unable to pay your debts and need help? Read these 3 bankruptcy tips, then call our Tampa Bay lawyers to get started. Bankruptcy Affects Credit Score Almost always a client will ask me what a bankruptcy will do to their credit. The short answer is that it’s going to hurt your credit, but most[...]
Have you or a loved one been bitten by a dog and need legal help? Check out these 4 dog bite tips, then contact our Tampa Bay lawyers today. After a Dog Bite You may be asking yourself, “What do I do after I’ve been injured by a dog?” You need to let the dog owner know that you’ve been[...]
Were you seriously injured on a job site in Florida and have questions? Check out our 3 construction accident facts, then call our lawyers. Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer You may be hoping to ask, “What should I be looking for to hire the most qualified construction accident attorney?” First and foremost, select an attorney that has experience in handling[...]
Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a car accident? Watch this video for information on how to file a Florida car accident claim. Read Our Free Car Accident Guide Question: What steps do I need to take after a car accident? Answer: You may be wondering, “What are the main steps that we need to undertake to[...]
In a developing story, a fatality occurred when a traffic accident involving a Hillsborough bus killed someone. As of right now, the bus operator will not be facing charges. The case is still being investigated. Read the Full Story Here Like us on Facebook
Early on Sunday, a car crashed into the storefront of Sunshine Thrift Store. It is in a strip mall on 4304 S. Dale Mabry Highway. While the glass was shattered and the concrete frame was damaged, it is not yet known if anyone was hurt. Read the Full Story Here Like us on Facebook
A head-on crash on McMullen Booth Rd took one woman’s life. The accident occurred when a 21-year-old driver from Tampa crossed the median on McMullen Booth and hit an SUV. The SUV had a 79-year-old driver and 84-year-old passenger from Clearwater. The accident took the life of an 84-year-old passenger from Clearwater. Read the Full Story Here Like us on[...]
There was a car accident on I-4, west of 50th street that killed a woman from Spring Hill. The accident occurred when an SUV was changing lanes. The SUV struck the back of the Spring Hill woman. She went into the barrier wall according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The woman sadly did not survive her injuries while the driver[...]
New Port Richey saw a car crash on Sunday that left a huge portion of the house severely damaged. The Pasco County Fire Rescue responded to the event. No one was seriously injured. The driver of the vehicle that crashed into the home had minor injuries. Read the Full Story Here Like us on Facebook
Your bags are packed, a movie is playing in the car, and you are on your way towards the vacation that your family has been looking forward too. As soon as you arrive at the hotel, a weight has been lifted off your chest, you are ready to relax. The last thing you are worried about is being a victim[...]
Did you or a loved one get hit while riding a bicycle? Learn what you should know about your bicycle accident in this article, then call us. 1) Choosing a Bicycle Accident Lawyer I’m asked many times, “What are the most important things to look for in an attorney if I’ve been injured in a bicycle accident?” You have to look[...]
Learn what mistakes after a bicycle accident to avoid in this video. Call our lawyers to schedule a free review with our Tampa Bay lawyers. Read Our Free Bicycle Accident Guide Question: What mistakes should I avoid after a bicycle accident? Answer: A common mistake that people make in response to being injured while operating bicycles is that they don’t[...]