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The 2010 hurricane season is drawing near, and recent developments from the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida may affect you. New storm surge models have led local emergency planners to redraw and update local evacuation maps, affecting over 130,000 parcels of land in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties alone. Perenich Law Injury Attorneys is made up of lawyers and attorneys who have called Pinellas[...]
The company C.B. Fleet Co. is facing hundreds of claims from users of its oral laxatives that were most commonly prescribed for colonoscopies and other medical procedures. Diane Suchetka of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer has this report: Those who sued say they suffered from kidney failure and chronic kidney disease after drinking two bottles of the laxative within 24 hours. That amount was[...]
As repeated attempts to plug the gushing oil in the Gulf of Mexico fail, the responsible companies are hard at work… that is, hard at work to limit their liabilities. Transocean, the company that leased the rig to BP to drill, is attempting to claim, using a maritime law from 1851, that their liability ends at the cost of their now-ruined[...]
For some, the recent BP Oil Spill is déjà vu. 31 years ago, an exploratory drilling site called “Ixtoc 1” experienced a similar blowout to the one that occurred on the now infamous Deepwater Horizon rig where 11 workers tragically lost their lives. Chris Hawley from USAToday.com details some of the similarities: Like the Deepwater Horizon spill, the Ixtoc 1 spill on[...]
The Obama Administration has recently stated it’s commitment to blocking Healthcare mergers that could put a stranglehold on competition. The Justice Department’s Anti-Trust Chief, Christine Varney recently explained that a vigorous enforcement of Anti-Trust laws is absolutely vital to the success of the new healthcare law, especially to prevent a steep rise in premiums. The Anti-Trust division affirmed it’s priority[...]
Two months ago 29 miners died in a tragedy that shocked the country. Recent investigations have led many to believe that this tragedy could have been wholly avoided, if not for the deliberate actions of Don Blankenship of Massey Energy Co. Massey Energy has been fined millions, for it’s repeated violations of safety regulations in the past. In one case[...]
Congress is moving toward banning “drop-side” cribs, which have been identified over the last decade as potentially life threatening devices and have been blamed for the deaths of 32 children and infants over the past ten years. The Associated Press’ Jennifer C. Kerr supplies these details: [A]t least 32 infants and toddlers since 2000 (have) suffocated or were strangled in a drop-side[...]
As engineers race to find a way to stop the gushing of oil into the Gulf of Mexico waters, the issue of a damages liability cap, as discussed previously on this blog, continues to be examined by Congress. However, the existing cap, which limits the amount of damage responsibility an oil company can be held to only $75 million dollars, provides[...]
Water sports activities are very popular here in Clearwater, St. Pete, and the Tampa Bay area, and on this Memorial Day and for the rest of the summer, many people plan to take to the water on boats. We here at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys want to offer a few safety reminders courtesy of DiscoverBoating.com so that you, your family, and your friends[...]
This is the Second part of an Occasional Series detailing advances in automobile safety through the Civil Justice System [caption id="attachment_1823" align="alignright" width="300"] A Dodge Advertisement for their Monaco Police Car, similar to the one driven by Mr. Dawson[/caption] With the recent controversy over defective parts in Toyota automobiles, we here at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys felt it may be in order to[...]
A Special Commentary by Terence Perenich As we watch the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico expand daily, seemingly with no end in sight, we are left to contemplate what the ultimate destruction will look like to our environment and our local and national economy.  Of course, a persistent question that is left unanswered is whether this event was foreseeable and[...]
If you were struck by a motor vehicle while walking, running, or jogging, you might be worried about your rights.  The Florida Pedestrian Accident Guide was created by Perenich Law Injury Attorneys to help residents obtain full compensation for their injuries. Pedestrian accidents can cause an unthinkable amount of damage to the victims and if you have been involved in[...]
Being involved in a truck crash can cause a lot of problems both physically and financially.  The Florida Truck Accident Guide was created by Perenich Law Injury Attorneys to help residents obtain maximum compensation from the insurance companies. If you have been injured in a truck accident, we want to extend our deepest sympathy. These accidents can leave you so[...]
Were you struck by a motor vehicle while riding your bike? The Florida Bicycle Accident Guide was created by Perenich Law Injury Attorneys to help residents obtain maximum compensation. If you have been involved in a bike accident here in the Clearwater area, you may be feeling frightened about what the future holds for you. There may be medical bills[...]
Toyota’s failure to own up to mechanical defects in its automobiles has cost lives that otherwise could have been saved.  With new details emerging that Toyota sought to delay and cover up the mechanical problems with sticking accelerators in its popular line of automobiles, including the best selling Camry model, the questions now remain as to what did Toyota know[...]