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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were around 84,000 motorcyclists injured in accidents in 2019. Worse, motorcyclists made up 14 percent of traffic deaths despite using only 3 percent of registered vehicles. Motorcycle crashes can be especially dangerous, leading to severe injuries. These accidents are often complicated, and assigning fault can be difficult. If you know or[...]
Motorcycle accidents often result in tragic consequences, such as the death of the motorcyclist or the passengers or disabling injuries that change the life of the victims forever. There are many ways a motorcycle accident can happen. Understanding these accidents can help the public become more aware of the hazards motorcycle riders face each day. Have You Been Affected by[...]
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After a motorcycle accident, serious injuries, medical needs, and an inability to work can leave you struggling financially, physically, and emotionally. If someone else was at fault for the crash, you might have the right to receive financial compensation to help you overcome those challenges. Let’s look at who is at fault in most motorcycle accidents and how an experienced[...]
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A motorcycle crash can happen in the blink of an eye, even if you are a cautious rider that obeys traffic rules. Motorcycle accidents are terrifying experiences that will often leave riders in a state of shock that makes it hard to react appropriately. Whether you crash your motorcycle because of poor weather conditions or got struck by a negligent[...]
brain injury in a motorcycle accident
Suffering a brain injury in a motorcycle accident can cause many difficulties. A brain injury can interfere with every area of your life: your work, your leisure time, and even your relationships. Often, motorcycle accident victims find themselves scrambling to figure out what happens next. Can a lawyer help you after a motorcycle accident that results in traumatic brain injury-and[...]
insurance company biases against motorcyclists
It’s no secret that insurance companies have a bias against motorcyclists. Insurers treat motorcycle riding as a high-risk activity, charging riders inflated premiums to match. But even worse, motorcyclists who get injured in accidents often struggle to get fair treatment, let alone full payment, from the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. Motorcyclists who get hurt in wrecks can combat insurance company[...]
​Tampa Motorcycle Helmet Laws
With year-round sunshine, plenty of beautiful scenery, and dining opportunities, Tampa offers excellent opportunities for motorcyclists. However, many riders have one question when coming to Tampa: “Do I have to wear a helmet?” The state generally sets helmet laws, which can vary widely depending on location. For example, some states have universal helmet laws that prohibit riders from operating a[...]
Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exhilarating and pleasurable ways to travel on the open road.  There is simply nothing like the feeling of the wind in your hair and a sense of freedom that motorbikes provide to their operators and riders.  But sadly, motorcycle riding is also one of the most dangerous activities especially when traveling on[...]
Florida residents and visitors find great joy in pursuing thrilling outdoor activities, especially during the summer. Riding ATVs, a common outdoor activity in Florida, can be a lot of fun.  However, it is very important to understand the risks and laws before you get on your favorite four-wheeler. Under Florida law, an ATV is defined as a motorized off-highway or[...]
A serious accident occurred Friday morning around 10:15am that the Clearwater Police are currently investigating. It happened at Drew St and Hillcrest Ave. The victim was a 53-year-old man and was taken on a helicopter to the hospital and is in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle who hit him was a woman in a Ford Fusion who was[...]
Have you been hurt in a motorcycle accident and have questions? Read these 4 motorcycle accident questions for guidance, then call our Tampa Bay office. 1) Should I speak with an insurance company after a motorcycle accident? If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident case and you’re contacted by the insurance company or by the lawyer representing the other party,[...]
Were you or a loved one run off the road by another vehicle? Contact our experienced Tampa Bay motorcycle accident attorneys today. Read Our Free Motorcycle Accident Injury Guide Question: Can I file a claim if I was run off the road by another vehicle? Answer: You may be wanting to ask an attorney, “Could I have a claim if[...]
Are you worried about giving statements to an insurance company? Watch this video to learn more about motorcycle accident insurance investigation. Read Our Free Motorcycle Accident Injury Guide Question: Should I speak with an insurance company after a motorcycle accident? Answer: If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident case and you’re contacted by the insurance company or by the lawyer[...]
(5/28/2020 Pasco County, FL. Tampa Bay Times)   A 28-year-old man from Hudson was killed in a motorcycle crash in Pasco County Wednesday night.  Troopers claim the motorcyclist was traveling on Hudson avenue when a 68-year-old man driving a car on Clayton made a left turn in front of him causing the crash. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital where[...]
If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you are probably worried about your health and your finances. We understand how frustrating and scary this whole situation is and we want to help you through this and get you the compensation that you deserve. Here are a few tips for a successful motorcycle accident case. Tips for a Successful[...]