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Category: Boat Accidents

unseaworthy vessel
Many avenues of recovery under maritime law require a showing of unseaworthiness or ship owner negligence to recover for your personal injuries and wrongful death. Passengers and crewmembers may hold vessel owners strictly liable due to unseaworthy conditions aboard a vessel. Strict liability hold a party responsible for damages or injuries, regardless of whether they were negligent. Unseaworthiness refers to[...]
Clearwater Jones Act Attorneys
Unique to the maritime industry, seamen who become ill or injured while working on a vessel are entitled to financial support from their employer while they're out of work and until they fully recover. The Jones Act, a federal statute, vests maintenance and cure rights for seamen. Our experienced Clearwater maritime attorneys will know the tactics deployed by employers to[...]
cruise line ticket
If injured on a cruise ship, your legal remedies will depend on several factors: the extent of your injuries, the circumstances surrounding the accident, and your contract with the cruise line. Your cruise line ticket may contain limitations on liability for injuries, losses, or damages that occur during the trip, so you must be aware of these limitations before embarking.[...]

Gangway Accidents

Clearwater Gangway Injury Lawyer
There are only so many ways to board or disembark from a ship, and oftentimes transiting gangways can pose a serious risk of injury or death if they are not properly maintained and supervised by the crew. Crewmembers should be trained in the use of gangways and expected to report defects or hazards. Navigating a gangway can be incredibly dangerous:[...]
The Coast Guard performed a successful rescue of an 83-year-old man on Thursday. When retrieved, he was suffering an injury to his leg. The accident occurred approximately 30 miles west of Sanibel Island around 6:30 PM. He was lifted out by a helicopter and was taken for treatment to Tampa General Hospital. The incident is currently being investigated by the[...]
  Dark grey clouds descended over the horizon bringing a stampede of torrential rain as the cracking booms of thunder echoed across the sky. Only a few minutes earlier the blue sky and bright sun was the scene of a fun family afternoon on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. With the wind and white capped waves whipping the[...]