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Terence Perenich
22 July 2022

Car Crashed into a Pinellas Park Home

Car Crashed into a Pinellas Park Home

A car crashed into a Pinellas Park home at 5:30 a.m. on Friday, July 22, 2022, near 70th Avenue and 61st Street N.

Pinellas Park Police Officers say a white Kia Van was swerving between lanes of traffic without headlights. A traffic stop was conducted on 70th Avenue, and the officers pulled the vehicle over. As officers approached the car, the driver fled east on 70th Avenue. Shortly after, the vehicle crashed into an occupied single-family home. The occupants of the car fled on foot.

The three occupants of the home were sleeping when the crash occurred. One of the residents was thrown across the room due to the car’s impact. She was not injured.

The vehicle used was stolen from a Pinellas Park home. The family will stay with relatives due to structural damage to their home.