Truck Accident Statistics

Truck Accident Statistics

In this article, we discuss Florida truck accident statistics, including the causes and consequences of commercial vehicle crashes, along with the dangers of negligent driving. If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, please call our office today to consult with our experienced Tampa Bay injury attorneys.

Truck Accident Statistics | Causes

Fatigued truck drivers account for approximately 30% of all trucking accidents, and many times the fatigue is a result of unscrupulous trucking companies that exude undeserved pressure on their drivers. Many drivers resort to taking legal and illegal prescription drugs to assist them in remaining alert, but the buildup of these drugs, especially when coupled with a slight amount of alcohol, can have devastating effects on their ability to safely drive a semi.

In a study of trucking accidents in which the truck driver suffered fatal injuries, 67% of the sampled drivers were under the influence of either prescription drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. Federal law restricts the use of many prescriptions while driving a large commercial vehicle, but many trucking companies look the other way instead of promoting safe working conditions for their drivers.

Truck Accident Statistics | Florida Law

On many roads, trucks are required to adhere to a lower posted speed limit. A truck travelling at 70 miles per hour has nearly twice the energy through momentum than a truck travelling at 50 mph. Driving at high speeds, whether legally or over the speed limits, creates many possibilities of risk and danger to both the driver of the truck and the countless families and commuters that drive alongside them every day.

It is important that you contact a Tampa Bay truck accident attorney promptly after a crash to protect your rights and ensure that the neglectful parties are held accountable. The truck accident attorneys at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys represent victims of trucking accidents and their families, when trucking companies and their drivers are reckless and negligent. Contact Perenich Law Injury Attorneys today to speak with a Tampa Truck Accident Attorney!

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