How Our Lawyers Handle a State Farm Injury Claim

How Our Lawyers Handle a State Farm Injury Claim

Filing an injury claim can end up causing a lot of complexity and headaches. What should you expect as you move through the process? Bringing in a personal injury lawyer can make it much easier to handle that claim to get you the results you need.

At Perenich Law Injury Attorneys, we have a strong commitment to helping our clients move through and understand their personal injury claims, including, when necessary, fighting against big-name insurance companies like State Farm that seek to prevent you from getting the full compensation you deserve.

How do the lawyers at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys handle a State Farm injury claim?

Have You Been Affected by a Car Injury?

Car injuries can cause immense stress which is why you need a car accident lawyer to assist you in your claims for compensation. Let our professional attorneys assist you and get you the results you desire.


We start with a review of your claim.

When you contact Perenich Law, we will start with a free initial consultation that will help us learn more about your case.

We will take a look at the basic details, including:

  • What caused your accident? For example, suppose you suffered a rear-end collision at a red light, which could provide you with clear indicators that the other driver caused your accident. As a result, you may deserve compensation from the insurance company.
  • What insurance policies apply to your claim? In the case of a State Farm insurance claim, we may look at your auto insurance policy and the other driver’s insurance policy.
  • What property damage did you sustain in the accident? We may need to look at the specific damage to your vehicle.
  • What injuries did you suffer? Your injuries can have a huge impact on the compensation you may recover as part of your claim, and we want to take a close look at all those details.
  • Have you already received a settlement offer from State Farm? How does that offer compare to the compensation you should realistically deserve for your injuries?

Once we have reviewed your claim during that initial consultation, we will determine whether we can offer reasonable support and advantages in your case. At Perenich Law, we take cases when we feel confident that we can increase the compensation you can recover over the offer State Farm might issue on its own.

We investigate all the details of your accident.

A lot of details can go into a car accident. The driver that caused the accident may bear primary responsibility for various decisions behind the wheel, including drinking and driving or driving while distracted.

However, other factors can also influence your accident and the likelihood that you will sustain severe injuries.

For example, you might discover that the driver’s employer also bears partial liability for the incident or that the vehicle suffered a mechanical malfunction that contributed to the accident or worsened your injuries. We want to uncover all those details and evidence that show how much the liable driver’s actions contributed to the incident.

As you deal with State Farm, the insurance company may use evidence from the accident to establish that you committed an act of negligence that likely contributed to the accident. At Perenich Law, we will work to establish how the negligent driver’s actions contributed to the accident. The more evidence we can find about the accident, the better we can establish that the other driver caused your accident and that, as a result, State Farm should pay out your damages related to the accident.

We may look at many factors, depending on the complexity of your accident claim.

We will take a look at any video footage related to the accident.

Did you have a dash cam that captured the accident? It could offer clear evidence of how the liable driver’s negligent actions led to a serious incident. Did a security camera in the nearby area capture the accident? We may use that as evidence to show how the accident occurred.

If we can find security footage related to your accident, it can prove much easier to establish what led to the accident and who likely bears liability for it.

We will talk to witnesses about the accident.

Did anyone see the accident? While witness memory might not prove as reliable as you might hope, especially in the case of a highly traumatic accident, witness statements can include vital evidence about exactly what factors may have contributed to the accident. Witnesses often have an outside perspective on the accident that the drivers involved in the crash may not have seen, so their perspective can make it easier to put together the chain of events that most likely led to the accident.

We will bring in expert witnesses to look at the damage to the two vehicles.

State Farm will have its adjusters look at your vehicle for two key reasons. First, the adjuster wants to know what damage your vehicle sustained and approximately how much it will cost to repair it. Second, the adjuster may want to look at the damage patterns on both vehicles. Sometimes, those damage patterns can clearly show how the accident likely took place, making it easier to determine liability.

However, in some cases, we may want our experts to look at the damage to the vehicles. An expert can use that information to piece together how the accident occurred and better establish liability as you proceed with your claim.

We collect the details related to your injuries.

You may have a lot of medical paperwork related to your injuries. Each doctor that you see will record the visit: when it took place, what recommendations you received, and the progression of your healing as you recover.

Those medical records serve as an essential part of your claim. Your medical records establish what injuries you sustained in the accident, what treatments you received for those injuries, and what suffering you faced as a direct result.

Our lawyers will collect that evidence to help establish the damages you sustained due to your accident. Then, we will put that information together as part of a compelling injury claim that will clearly lay out those damages and the compensation you deserve after the suffering you have faced.

We carefully review the details of the State Farm insurance policy that covers the liable driver.

The insurance policy that covers the liable party can substantially impact the damages you can ultimately recover after a serious accident. The insurance policy will determine how much compensation the insurance company reasonably must pay out following a serious accident.

That insurance policy may include details like:

  • Covered events
  • Covered parties (the drivers who can reasonably use the vehicle)
  • How much the insurance company will pay out in the event of an accident

Drivers must carry at least minimum auto insurance to remain in compliance with Florida law. However, many drivers choose to carry additional insurance to protect themselves, which may provide a source of compensation as the victim of an accident involving a State Farm driver.

We will look at the terms of the policy, including any exceptions that could entitle you to additional coverage. In some cases, an insurance policy may offer additional compensation in the event of certain types of injuries or accidents. We help look over all the details of those policies to help our clients maximize the compensation they can recover as much as possible.

At Perenich Law, we have reviewed insurance policies from major insurance providers, including State Farm, in the past, and we know what to look for as we help our clients maximize their results as much as possible.

We submit a detailed claim to State Farm on your behalf.

We compile all the evidence we have put together related to the accident and your injuries, then submit it to State Farm as part of a detailed, compelling claim that clearly lays out the compensation you deserve for the injuries and losses you have suffered. The demand package details the financial and non-financial losses you have faced because of the accident and demands payment from State Farm for those losses.

The demand package represents the amount you ask for when you submit your claim. It does not guarantee the amount you will receive. In most cases, State Farm will come back with a settlement offer that may not include everything you asked for in the demand package.

We help you review any settlement offer made by State Farm.

Often, the negotiation process will involve several settlement offers and a great deal of back and forth. Generally, State Farm will try to negotiate down the compensation the company has to pay out even after a serious accident caused by one of its drivers. At Perenich Law Injury Attorneys, we negotiate as much as possible to maximize your compensation.

As settlement offers come in, we will help our clients review them and determine whether accepting that offer or continuing to negotiate represents their best interests. We may review several key factors.

What are your goals for your claim?

Some clients want to maximize the compensation they can recover as much as possible, even if that means drawing out the negotiation process. Other people need to get the compensation from a settlement in their hands as soon as possible, even if that means they will not ultimately acquire as much compensation as they had hoped for their injuries.

We help our clients review each settlement offer and compare it to their goals for their claim so that they can make effective decisions about what works in their best interests.

How does the offer compare to what you should expect from State Farm?

Since we have carefully reviewed State Farm’s policies, we will know what compensation you should expect as part of a claim. We will compare the offer you have received to the maximum payout for the policy and the damages you have sustained, then help you determine whether the offer represents a reasonable settlement for your injuries.

Do you need to go to court to get a reasonable offer?

Most of the time, State Farm insurance claims settle out of court. Going to court can substantially increase the company’s costs, and ultimately, the company may end up paying out more than it would have had it simply accepted the entire claim. However, sometimes, you may need to go to court to reach a just verdict, especially in cases of disputed liability.

We help our clients determine when they may need to go to court over a settlement, including when a court award could substantially increase the compensation they can recover.

We represent our clients when a State Farm insurance claim does have to go to court.

If your State Farm insurance claim does end up in court, we provide experienced legal representation in the courtroom. Many clients feel nervous about taking a claim to court.

We can help offer representation and support at each stage of the process so that you will know what to expect. We also help argue your case before the court, clearly laying out the damages you sustained and why the defense should reasonably pay out for those damages.

Contact Perenich Law for Help With Your State Farm Insurance Claim

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