Injury Claims and the Monster of Social Media

Injury Claims and the Monster of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  They are everywhere.  You can hardly go anywhere online without stumbling upon the little icons that have found their way into all things web.  Some cannot even eat breakfast without snapping a photo and uploading it for everyone else’s visual consumption.  Unfortunately for some, these seemingly harmless updates can have far reaching unintended negative consequences.

From a young age, we are told in life to stay positive.  Sometimes in our effort to keep on smiling, we put on a face that betrays how we really feel, hoping our smile will make us feel better.  And, sometimes it does.  Sometimes, a kind word can make a big difference in your entire day.  And sometimes, we put on a happy face just to keep those we love from worrying.  In traumatic world changing situations, sometimes all we have is hope.

Sadly, social media has also become a tool for insurance companies to deny claims.

Our “positive mental attitude” approach to coping and getting better then becomes the weapon used against us.

As a personal injury attorney, I have seen all too often where a positive hopeful post by an injured person becomes “Exhibit A” for an insurance adjuster and defense counsel suggesting that the injury really isn’t so bad.

I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram very often.  But when I do, I think about who might be viewing my attitudes, opinions, updates and “statuses.”  If I am in the hospital after a severe car accident, do I really want to share with the whole world how hopeful, positive and courageous I might be feeling by posting a “selfie?”

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, before you inform social media of your status, please give us a call at (727) 500-1499 for your free case evaluation. There is no case too small for your peace of mind.

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