Greg Coaches Golf Team for Guardian Angels Catholic School

Greg Coaches Golf Team for Guardian Angels Catholic School

This year marks Greg’s debut as the head coach for the Guardian Angels Catholic School Golf Team in Clearwater.

Greg has brought a simple but enthusiastic philosophy to the golf team: Play your best while enjoying golf on the course with respect for the rules of the game and at the same time respecting each other and their opponents. This year the team consists of 10 golfers, some quite accomplished and others just learning to play for the first time.  .

The team’s youth is rounded out with a group of talented 5th graders, including Greg’s son Matthew. They are all very accomplished junior golfers. One is playing in Junior Golf Tournaments and already has impressive skills as a player. The 5th graders get along well and are very respectful toward each other.

A future star of the team is a 7th grade girl. She is truly improving each match and has the motivation to work hard on her game. The team’s leadership is strong with the experienced group of 8th graders, even though one of the players is a beginner to golf.

The season is at the midpoint and so far the Guardian Angels are undefeated through the first three matches. But whether the team wins or loses as the season progresses is not as important as what Greg wants to instill in the kids: self confidence, integrity, respect toward others and a competitive spirit.

More to come . . .

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