Abortion Malpractice: The Sad Truth

Abortion Malpractice:  The Sad Truth

A special commentary by Gregory J. Perenich:

When Roberta Clark went to an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama on August 10, 2010, she thought she was around 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. That is, at least, what the technician working there reported based on her ultrasound. However, a properly trained ultrasound technician would have identified that Roberta did not have a “standard” intrauterine pregnancy.  In fact, Roberta had an ectopic pregnancy and should never have had a suction-curettage abortion.  Worse yet, after the procedure she was sent home without being told that there was no fetal matter in her pathology specimen.  Unfortunately for Roberta, three more weeks passed before she had to be treated for a ruptured fallopian tube from her ectopic pregnancy, necessitating emergent hospitalization to save her life.


Abortion Malpractice Statistics

Roberta is not alone. Many women have come forward reporting substandard abortions resulting in medical malpractice lawsuits around the country. In Florida, where all abortion facility inspections are available to the public, a comprehensive review from 2009-2014 reveals the following deficiencies among the state’s 82 abortion facilities:

  • 19 abortion facilities were cited for failing to meet standards for equipment maintenance, including patient monitoring equipment, surgical equipment and, most commonly, emergency equipment;
  • 15 abortion facilities were cited for expired medications;
  • 12 abortion facilities were cited for failing to meet standards for documenting or maintaining patient records;
  • 8 abortion facilities were cited for having unqualified and/or unlicensed staff, including Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida in Sarasota; and
  • 8 abortion facilities were cited for other deficiencies regarding patient care.

Do You Need to Hire An Abortion Claim Lawyer

Roberta Clark’s case illustrates the need for state oversight and the importance of holding negligent abortion doctors and clinics legally responsible for their malpractice.  If you have suffered physical injuries from an abortion, Perenich Law Injury Attorneys will help you obtain the compensation you deserve under Florida Law and, more importantly, we will do our level best to hold those responsible for your injuries legally accountable. While not all injuries to women from an abortion are actionable, if the facts show that the doctor or clinic failed to meet the recognized standard of care, an abortion malpractice claim may be filed.

We are not afraid to vigorously pursue justice on behalf of women that have experienced harm from deficient procedures during an abortion.  Our medical malpractice lawyers and staff are compassionate advocates and will be with you every step of the way in the pursuant of justice. Simply call our office or submit a confidential, free case evaluation inquiry on our website.  For more than 15 years the Perenich brothers have been advocating on behalf of their clients and families to restore their losses with honest, heartfelt and experienced medical malpractice representation.

To read the full Florida case study and learn more about health and safety violations in abortion clinics nationwide, visit:




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