3 Types of Dog Bite Liabilities

3 Types of Dog Bite Liabilities

Having trouble determining dog bite liability? Here are 3 types of dog bite liabilities that might be useful in your case. Contact our Tampa Bay dog bite lawyers today to arrange a free consultation.

1. Dog Bite Liability

You may be wondering if the owner of the dog who caused injury was ultimately responsible. The answer is yes, but other people can share in that liability too. Florida law prescribes the responsibility for animal injuries to the owner of the animal. That means that the owner, either through their own means, homeowners’ insurance, or sometimes the premises of where they take their dog will have a source of recovery because of the owner’s duty to safeguard injury committed by their animal to others. We hold those owners accountable if their dogs have caused injury to others.

2. Dog Bite Third-Party Liability

Anybody who allows a dog on their premises is taking on the responsibility of that dog potentially injuring somebody. Florida law makes the owner responsible for injuries that an animal or dog may cause to others, but anybody who knowingly allows that animal or dog onto their premises also has responsibility. They owe a duty to provide a safe environment for anyone that comes onto their premises. If they’ve allowed a dangerous dog or a dog that’s potentially dangerous to also be on this premises, they have that responsibility also.

3. Beware of Dog Sign Liability

You may be wondering is a sign saying beware of dog insulated the owner of the dog from liability. Florida law doesn’t say that. No sign, beware of dog or anything like that, can insulate the owner that they can’t be subject of a claim for injury because of a dog bite or animal attack.

Florida law is very detailed on this. There are very limited circumstances in which an owner of a dog can be absolved of responsibility when there is a dog attack. Don’t let anybody tell you that you getting bitten by the dog is your own fault because they had a sign up that said beware of dog. That’s not the law in the state of Florida.

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