3 Tips in a Truck Accident

3 Tips in a Truck Accident

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Truck Accident Expert Witness

I recently received an email from a woman whose husband was injured, where a truck was driving right here in St. Petersburg, Florida and ran her husband off the road. He was in the hospital. She asked me, how are we going to prove that my husband didn’t do something wrong to cause this and that it was the commercial truck that did it? I assured her that we are extremely practiced at proving fault of negligent truck drivers.

Now, it’s not because of what I say; it’s because we pursue the best evidence to prove the liability of those who are negligent. What does the best evidence mean? It means scientific forensic analysis by qualified experts, experts who are the top in their field about putting together crash accidents and being able to go to court and give testimony of their opinions. Our law firm throughout the entire state of Florida has gone to court with experts who will testify about the science behind accidents.

Sometimes it can be where we get the records of the truck driver who we find was violating the regulations about driving too much and not taking time to sleep. We have experts analyze the records of the driver’s employment history. Then, of course, the real science about accident reconstruction: everything from downloading the electronically stored data on the vehicles that are involved, having forensic engineers analyze that data, and then arrive at conclusions to hold the negligent people responsible.

There are some cases where a lawyer might tell, you don’t need all of that information. That’s a waste of money. If you or a loved one has suffered a severe and tragic injury from a negligent truck driver, would you ever leave it to chance or would you want to be able to put together your evidence, ironclad and bulletproof in the court of law to hold those negligent people responsible? Our law firm will do that. We will retain the best experts and we will prove the best evidence.

Truck Driver Was Too Tired to Drive

When I’m asked does it matter if the truck driver was too tired to be driving the truck and could that have played a role in the causation of a trucking accident, the answer is absolutely. In interstate trucks, trucks that drive state to state or across state lines, there is a federal rule and regulation that requires those drivers in general, they cannot be driving that vehicle more than 11 hours. They can’t be driving it more than eight continuous hours either without a 30-minute break. Drive fatigue we find is absolutely one of the causes of these types of serious trucking accidents that many times cause very serious injuries to innocent people and sometimes even death to them.

Federal law requires a limitation in those hours to make sure that drivers are not fatigued. The drivers have to keep logbooks of those hours that they’re driving and they’re on the road. If you have any questions at all about whether you are entitled to compensation against a trucking company, either the owner of the truck or the truck driver himself or herself that was driving that vehicle, because you believe that they may have been too tired to be behind the wheel, contact us here at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys. We will investigate that and advise you of what your rights are so that we can obtain the highest amount of compensation for you and your family.

Suing The Trucking Company

A gentleman walked into our offices last week. He had been seriously hurt. He told me that he was driving on the interstate, I-275 here in Tampa, when a commercial truck, a semi-truck, veered into his lane and ricocheted his vehicle into the guardrail.

The police came. They found out that this truck driver had actually been drinking. It was a horrific accident. When my client described this driver, his Number One concern was, how is this guy going to pay for all of my injuries?

What I explained to him is that a commercial truck driven by a driver has the responsibility for the company who hires that driver, whether it’s what they’re shipping or the commercial trucking company itself, has full responsibility for all the injuries that are caused by their negligent drivers. Obviously, this can become much more severe if they know that their drivers have problems with alcohol or drug use. If that were the case, then they could even be responsible for more damages than just the losses that any person suffers from virtue of an injury in an accident like that.

What I explain to my client that everybody needs to know is that Florida recognizes that companies who hire drivers to drive freight for them on our roadways are fully responsible for any injuries caused by those drivers’ negligence. At Perenich Law Injury Attorneys, we have a record of holding those companies accountable when their negligent drivers have caused injury on the roadways. I assured my client that I meet with that we were going to pursue justice on his behalf and that it was not going to be limited to just the driver; we were going to find every corporation or entity that was responsible whether by virtue of the fact that they were using this driver to ship freight or it was commercial trucking company itself. They were going to be responsible for all the injuries.

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