3 Construction Accident Tips

3 Construction Accident Tips

Did you get hurt on the job and need help? Read this article about 3 construction accident tips for guidance, then call our lawyers today.

1. Workers’ Compensation

There may be certain limitations about what you are going to be able to get because of Florida’s workers’ compensation system. You might not get all the damages that you would normally get in a personal injury action or a car accident case. You won’t get any pain and suffering damages, and you’ll have limitation of recovery fundamentally to whatever disability rating you get or the medical care that is contemplated for you in the future.
What we want to do when we get a workers’ compensation claim is help the client navigate through that process so that they can make good decisions, and do the best with a difficult system. It’s not going to be great, but a lawyer who knows how to make the right decisions in the workers’ comp setting can actually do some good things for a client.

2. Construction Accident Liability

Workers’ comp only prevents you from suing your employer. In a construction injury claim, most of the time the person who’s working in that setting is not working alongside coworkers. They’re usually actually working alongside other contractors who can be negligent if they did things that contributed to the injury that our client suffers. What’s critical to understand is that we’re not going to just assume that this is workers’ comp and that we can’t help people make claims for injuries against negligent actors in a construction setting accident claim. We successfully prosecute these claims, not against our client’s employer or any of their coworkers; it is sometimes actually against the other contractors who had been negligent in what they had done that contributed to an injury.

3. Construction Accident Case Value

When somebody has been injured on a construction site, the most important thing that we have to do as lawyers is figure out who bears responsibility for causing that injury.  We cannot assume that it’s one person or one company when our client is injured on a construction site. It’s usually a lot of different companies or contractors who are all involved in a construction project. That means each and every one of them bears some responsibility in creating the environment that contributed to our client’s injury. It also means that each one of those contractors or companies has available insurance by which they can pay for damages that our client has suffered. To fully assess what the value of a claim is in a construction accident case, we’re going to do everything that we do in all of our cases. We’re going to make sure our clients get full medical care, that we account for all future medical care, we account for all the ways in which the injuries have affected our client’s life whether it’s lost income, or lost ability to enjoy life the way they had previously planned to do it, and then making sure that every single company and contractor that had a role in causing that dangerous condition is held accountable.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured on a job site in Florida and have questions about our 3 construction accident tips?
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