3 Construction Accident Facts

3 Construction Accident Facts

Were you seriously injured on a job site in Florida and have questions? Check out our 3 construction accident facts, then call our lawyers.

Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer

You may be hoping to ask, “What should I be looking for to hire the most qualified construction accident attorney?” First and foremost, select an attorney that has experience in handling construction accident injury cases. Please do not hire a lawyer that does just general practice or that does family law and a little bit of personal injury on the side. You want to be hiring a law firm that is devoted exclusively to personal injury cases and has a focus on construction accident cases and construction litigation.

In construction accident cases, there are certain rules that apply. You have something called OSHA regulations. You also have an employer that’s involved that generally has a duty to ensure that there is a safe work site. You potentially have others involved that are not co-employees that might have been involved in the accident.

An example would be if you were at work on a construction site and another employee that might be hired by a completely different company somehow does something that results in your injury, we’re not only going to be looking at that employee, we’re going to be looking at the employer of that person. We’re going to be looking to whether or not the OSHA regulations were being followed. Those are very important things that we’re going to be looking at in a construction accident injury case. We have to document that scene very quickly. We’re going to be discussing the case with the OSHA regulators to make sure that OSHA regulations were followed in a given case.

Reporting Construction Injuries

You may be wondering if it is important to let management know that you’ve been injured at a construction site accident here in Florida. The answer is, absolutely yes. You have to let management know because ultimately, we need to prove if the accident actually occurred. Management, if they do their job, will take down the information. Make sure that they write it down and that they take down your contact information.
Tell them exactly what happened. Don’t assume that it was your fault. It’s important simply that the injury be documented. Go get medical treatment, then call an attorney with experience in construction accident cases.

Construction Accident Insurance Investigation

If you are hurt in a construction accident, a person from either your employer’s or another insurance company person will contact you. They will want to take a recorded statement from you. You may be wondering if you should get them one.
It’s critical that, before you give a statement, whether it’s recorded or non-recorded to anybody investigating a construction accident, that you have legal representation with you before you give that statement. The reason is because you don’t want to go in and give a statement and be confronted with questions for the very first time about how the construction accident occurred, or about your potentially prior conditions or medical care and treatment before you’ve had an opportunity to review those things with an experienced lawyer that does construction accident cases. We cooperate 100% with insurance companies and their investigators and claims adjustors in terms of providing statements from our clients in construction accident cases. However, it’s better being there with you side by side to ensure that you are fully prepared before you give a recorded or non-recorded interview to your employer or to some other person who is investigating that construction accident case.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured on a job site in Florida and have questions about our 3 construction accident facts?

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