Bicycle Accident Insurance Coverage

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Will my car insurance cover my bicycle accident injuries?


Florida law recognizes that a pedestrian including a bicyclist is indeed subject to Florida no-fault law. That means that if that person who is injured on a bicycle either being struck by a car or by potentially some other modes of transportation, Bicycle Accident Insurance Coverage that person’s automobile insurance company has to pay under the no-fault law which is $10,000 of medical benefits on an 80% basis as well as a component of lost wages of up to 60% up to that same $10,000 under the no-fault statutes.
Your automobile insurance is critically important here. In fact, it may even apply with regard to what we call uninsured motorist coverage as well, especially if there’s a hit and run situation. We frequently do look to automobile liability insurances when a person is injured on a bicycle.
It’s important that you check your insurance to make sure that your coverage is adequate. If you have any question relating to whether your coverage is adequate, I urge you to contact this firm.

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