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Gregory Perenich
6 July 2021

Auto Accident Memory Conflicts

Learn about auto accident memory conflicts in this video. Then call our Florida car accident lawyers for a free consultation.


What if my memory of the accident isn’t clear?


I’m getting ready for a trial. I have a client who was injured in Tampa. Early on in the case, she thought she knew what had happened in the accident. After a time, she started to doubt herself. She wondered if she was going to be convincing to a jury as we were getting ready for trial to testify about her injuries or how the accident happened.

What I told her was that, while your testimony is important, your credibility is more important. Because she had hired me early on in the case, we had already gathered up all the evidence to prove that the other driver was responsible for the accident. Even if her memory was not completely consistent with that, we had a way to present her testimony in court such that the jury would know that she was trying to be honest. A jury doesn’t care if you have a bad memory; they only care that you are earnest, to be honest, and genuine in your recounting of it. The good news is the physical evidence we have for this case, I believe, is going to win the day for us in the courtroom.

If you believe you’ve been injured because somebody else was at fault and now you’re starting to question your recollection of the events of the accident, it’s okay. We’re going to figure it out. We are going to figure out the evidence. We’re going to put together a comprehensive presentation that proves that you deserve justice, too.

Even if your memory isn’t the best, you still are entitled to your day in court. That’s what we do at Perenich The Law firm. We go to trial and we win justice for our clients.


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