Lawyers For Texting & Driving Accident Victims

The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Texting and driving is a very dangerous act that puts the lives of both the driver as well as everyone else on the road in jeopardy. Texting and driving is illegal in the state of Florida and this type of distracted driving can lead to anything from a traffic ticket to a tragic and potentially fatal accident. Distracted driving is the leading cause of auto accidents, and as the prevalence of texting while driving has increased, this percentage has only continued to grow. texting and driving auto accident victim lawyers in East Lake, FL

Keeping your eyes on the road is one of the best ways to avoid an auto accident, but you can’t control everybody else on the road with you. That is why our law firm is ready to stand by your side when it comes to auto accidents leading to a personal injury. One driver’s foolish mistakes can make a dramatic impact on your or your loved one’s life. It is important that your rights are upheld when you or someone you love has become a victim of an auto accident caused due to texting while driving.

A driver needs cognitive focus, manual focus, and visual focus to be fully in control of their motor vehicle. When a driver neglects or fails to have one of these crucial focuses, they are increasing their chance of causing an accident. Texting while driving, for example, usually means that the driver no longer has both hands on the wheel. It also means their attention is usually not focused on the road in front of them. These two distractions reduce awareness and reaction time.

Auto accidents can happen in a split second. If a driver can’t identify and respond to a dangerous situation right away, they are putting themselves and everyone around them at risk. This is an irresponsible behavior that is causing more and more accidents on today’s roadways.

Protect Your Rights As A Driving & Texting Victim

When someone else’s texting and driving negligence has caused an accident, it is important that your rights are upheld and that justice is served. This state distraction law states that an individual should not be texting and driving. If someone’s negligent behavior causes you or a loved one pain, injury, or death, then you should be fairly compensated.

Our firm believes it is important to aggressively represent you when you have been the victim in a car accident. We understand the laws surrounding texting and driving as well as what you are entitled to in your specific situation. This allows us to properly protect your rights while ensuring that the driver responsible for your injury and suffering are held accountable for their actions.

Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about the legal actions you can take when you have been in an accident caused by someone texting and driving. Our attorneys work hard for clients located throughout the Clearwater and Tampa Bay, Florida, area.