Stephen Mortimer

Stephen Mortimer

Civil Trial Attorney



Stephen Mortimer is a person who truly cares for those who are going through the difficult times that go along with being injured. Steve has spent years winning trials in the courtrooms around Tampa Bay He prides himself even more on his personal, one-on-one contact with those who need help.

Steve has a wife and two daughters. He knows what it’s like to watch over a child who is fighting for their life. After seeing the outstanding people at All Children’s Hospital spend hours, days and weeks in order to save his daughter’s life, Steve has been trying to pay it forward.

Steve uses this dedication in protecting families who are dealing with an injury. Steve is ready, willing and able to help those who are worried about having to deal with medical bills, insurance adjusters, and even investigators.

Steve works with good people who have been hurt in a car accident, a fall, or even by dog bites. Our children have a long future ahead of them. They deserve just compensation for scarring or years of physical therapy caused by the negligence of others.

His many trial victories are rewarding, but sitting down and speaking with people, face to face, in a time of need, is even more satisfying for Steve.

The insurance companies know which lawyers take cases all the way through trial and which lawyers do not. Steve has spent many years taking cases all the way to a jury verdict and winning.

Steve’s experience, and the insurance companies’ knowledge of Steve’s experience, is what will help you or a loved one. The insurance companies are more likely to make a fair settlement offer without having to go to court when you have an experienced litigator on your side

The insurance companies dictate the terms of settlement with the many lawyers who are unwilling or unable to go to trial and win. The lawyers you see on TV rarely go to trial (if ever). They’re making commercials while Steve is in an actual courtroom. Steve doesn’t make TV commercials. He is too busy having personal, face to face meetings with real clients.

Steve will guide you through the entire process. Steve takes away the hassle and worry of going it on your own. You will not have to worry when you have a real trial attorney on your side.

Steve excelled in undergraduate academics at Rollins College in Orlando. He went on to obtain a Masters Degree at Auburn University and then a Juris Doctorate Degree from Stetson University College of Law. Steve studied Trial Advocacy as a student and is now returning to that same program as a Judge at the Stetson University College of Law. This is one of the top Trial Advocacy Programs in the United States.