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Rick Scott to Sign Bill Limiting Experts in Medical Malpractice Cases

Florida Governor Rick Scott has until June 12 to sign a number of bills presented to him by the legislature, including SB 1792, which diminishes significantly the number of available expert witnesses who may testify in medical malpractice lawsuits. While the change may not seem all that significant at first glance, the statute in its current form already places strict requirements on potential experts. More important, this is is yet another attempt the Florida legislature or Governor Scott to diminish the rights of victims of medical malpractice and other forms of negligence.

Scott's Shifty Stance on ALFs: In Like a Lion; Out Like a Lamb

Last year, Florida governor Rick Scott announced with great bravado his plans to implement strict measures to prevent the rampant neglect and abuse of disabled and elderly residents at assisted living facilities (ALFs). A year and a half later, Scott has receded dramatically from his previously valiant stance on ALF reform.

Texting & Driving: More Likely to Cause an Auto Accident than Drinking & Driving?

A recent article by Car and Driver magazine examines a disturbing yet growing trend that is one of the leading causes of car accidents, injuries, and automobile deaths in Florida and throughout the country. Until Florida's lawmakers and leaders come to appreciate the immense risk of injury and death to thousands of Floridians caused by texting and driving, all drivers should remain ever vigilant and cautious on the roads.

New Initiatives for Curbing Traffic Accidents and Fatalities in the Tampa Bay Area

In light of the statistics and inordinately high numbers of auto accidents and pedestrian deaths caused by reckless drivers throughout the Tampa Bay area, the public is well served by the recent efforts by Tampa and St. Petersburg to make major intersections safer by installing cameras. Another way to dramatically reduce traffic congestion as well as improve the safety of Tampa Bay area roads and highways is through public transit, particularly in the form of light rail.

Gov. Rick Scott Relaxes Security at Florida Ports

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill that reduces security measures at seaports throughout the state by eliminating separate state background checks for port employees. In doing so, Scott has put the safety of Florida residents behind the financial interests of Big Business at a nominal cost savings