Personal Injury from Falling Merchandise

Personal Injury from Falling Merchandise of Negligent Merchants

Personal Injury While Shopping

The holiday shopping season should be a joyful time of preparation for holiday time spent with family and loved ones, even if a little bit stressful. Walking into every store, we are confronted with Christmas décor, holiday displays, crowded aisles and long lines. In many instances, stores often don’t have sufficient staff to deal with the increased customer traffic that often times leads to unsafe conditions. While many merchants value what this time of year can mean to their bottom line, the desire for boosting profits should never come at the expense of the safety to their customers.

At Perenich The Law Firm in Clearwater, FL, we have represented injured shoppers in situations where the shoppers vastly outnumbered store personnel and a safe shopping environment couldn’t be maintained. We have seen injuries where shoppers became hurt because of debris or liquid that had spilled and no store personnel were on hand to timely clean up the hazard. One of the most dangerous circumstances occurs when customers have been injured by falling merchandise.

Personal Injury Compensation from Negligent Merchants

We have successfully obtained financial recovery for clients who received personal injuries by falling merchandise because stores made decisions that put profit over safety. Over-stacking the merchandise on the shelves means that less labor is required to restock the shelves from the back of the store. These bad decisions are made worse when a store doesn’t have enough staff to monitor the aisles and shelves for potential falling hazards. Even lightweight packages that fall from a high shelf can result in serious head, neck, back or shoulder injuries, oftentimes resulting in surgery and missed time from work and family.

Our experience has taught us that most merchants put their customers first and do not compromise when it comes to safety. Unfortunately, we still see the same stores and nationwide chains that repeatedly endanger the customers that they rely on.

We have the experience of successfully representing clients injured by falling merchandise and unsafe store conditions. We wish everybody in our community a safe and happy holiday season. Yet we also know that those who neglect safety for their customers should be held accountable and the injured should be made whole.

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