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Florida is home to some of the most beautiful roadways in the nation. Whether it is a trek across the Tamiami Trail in the Everglades or a weekend cruise along the barrier islands, motorcyclists have some of the best thoroughfares in the country at their disposal in the Sunshine State. Bikers, whether they are those who hit the road daily or the casual weekend cruiser, take to the road to experience the excitement of the ride.

Unfortunately, biking has become a dangerous pastime. The nature of riding a motorcycle inherently leaves the riders vulnerable, and too often what leads to devastating injuries or death is the negligence of an automobile driver who failed to respect a motorcycle on the road as they would another car.

Despite public awareness campaigns, motorcyclists and bikers are 16 times more likely to sustain life threatening injuries in a crash.

Florida law protects the rights of motorcyclists who choose to forgo helmets when riding. We fully support your rights in our free society, but throughout our experience, we have seen many tragic injuries and deaths, and we do encourage the use of protective helmets. However, the absence of a helmet when there is a motorcycle accident does not in any way diminish the responsibility and liability of the negligent driver. Contact PERENICH The Law Firm to speak to our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys today.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Despite the oft quoted motto of “Look twice and save a life” and other public awareness campaigns motorcyclists and bikers are still 16 times more likely to sustain life threatening injuries in a crash. Our Tampa Bay, Florida personal injury and motorcycle accident attorneys at PERENICH The Law Firm have devoted their professional career to representing innocent victims of accidents of both cars and motorcycles throughout greater Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and New Port Richey areas. If you or a loved one was hurt or killed in a motorcycle accident, our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you hold the negligent driver responsible for the damages and pain their irresponsibility caused.

Common motorcycle injuries include:
  • Abrasions.
  • Gashes.
  • Fractures of lower extremities.
  • Severe brain trauma.
  • Dental trauma.
  • & damage to the spinal cord.

In cases where the accident victim is hospitalized and unable to work, our skilled team of Florida motorcycle accident attorneys have the knowledge, experiences, and resources necessary to fully investigate the cause of the crash, determine fault, and pursue a fair and just recovery for damages to the victim. Let an aggressive Tampa Bay area motorcycle accident attorney handle your case. Contact PERENICH The Law Firm today.